Each world has 20 action packed stages, coins patterns, amazing backgrounds, graphics, and cool soundtracks. When a new world is release, it can be added to the store by updating the game. Once updated it can be bought at the store for 2000 MP. Wi-fi is need to get new worlds and having a weak connection can cause the game data to reset.


There are 4 worlds so far, and each world has 20 levels, which makes 80 levels in total. The World Enterna is not shown below.


Prima is the first world in the game and is playable without uploading or buying it. The theme of this world is different from others in the way that it's not a magical realm or enchanted land. It's first levels are set in an up going forest, middle levels are in the sky, and it's last levels are in space.
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Galactic Core


  1. Sunshine Glade
  2. Treetop Village
  3. City of Mists
  4. Burning Sands
  5. Thunder Clouds
  6. Silvery Moon
  7. Starry Sky
  8. Edge of Space
  9. Comet Nebula
  10. Galactic Core


Magica is a magical realm filled with rocky cliffs, crumbling ruins, magical trees and floating space villages. It was first released when the game was updated with update 15. This realm differs a lot from Prima, which had no magic base levels.

Update 15 with Magica


  1. Winding Woods
  2. Spirit Canyon
  3. Pillar of the Sky
  4. Cloud Village
  5. Mystic Tree
  6. The Lost Chasm
  7. Storm's Edge
  8. Cosmic Ruins
  9. Solar Garden
  10. City of Ghosts


Aeria is an enchanted land of ancient forests, glittering mines, and cloud oceans filled with majestic flying whales. It is the third world in all and the second world to be release by update. Aeria was the 12 present of the 12th day of [[Mega Jump].


One of Aeria's levels


  1. Mossy Cave
  2. Forest Ruins
  3. Critter Canyon
  4. Golden Gorge
  5. Rocky Drift
  6. Royal Heaven
  7. Soaring Mines
  8. Ocean Sky
  9. Cloud Caravan
  10. The Portal
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