It's been almost three months since Get Set Games announced Update 15 for Mega Jump...and now it's out! This is one of the biggest updates of Mega Jump ever released! This is going to be a longer-than-usual post, so prepare yourself!

New Character


Like most other updates, Mega Jump comes with a new character: Introducing Rolf the Wolf! Rolf was chosen in GSG's Facebook Poll.

Save Stars

In this update, GSG has given ALL users who download this update 5 free Save Stars! They've got your back!

News Feed

On the Main Menu, there's a brand new News Feed with all kinds of stuff. Check it regularly!

New World

And this is why this makes Update 15 one of the biggest updates of Mega Jump!


I'm very proud to introduce Magica! It packs 20 All-New Levels for you to play through! Help the wiki grow by adding new Magica Level Information

Yay for Update 15!


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