Sunshine Glade (Normal)
Stage Features
Title Sunshine Glade
Realm Prima
Number 1
Mode Normal
Cost to Purchase Free
Approximate Finish Point 80,000 pts.
Previous Stage None
Next Stage Treetop Village (Normal)

Sunshine Glade is the 1st level of Mega Jump.

This stage is the starting point of the team's epic journey! Sunshine Glade is the easiest of the levels, with no blocks, enemies, nor obstacles. Playing this level is one of the best ways to make MP. There are many blocks of coins available, so you can make good use of the magnet, supernova, and umbrella. In fact, the developers themselves recommended playing this stage to earn MP.

You know that you are going to beat it when you reach the two bridges crossing over each other. This is at approximately 80,000 points.

The next stage is Treetop Village (Normal)


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