Prima is the name of the world that the first 20 levels of Mega Jump reside in. They are listed as followed:

1. Sunshine Glade (Normal)
2. Treetop Village (Normal)
3. City of Mists (Normal)
4. Burning Sands (Normal)
5. Thunder Clouds (Normal)
6. Silvery Moon (Normal)
7. Starry Sky (Normal)
8. Edge of Space (Normal)
9. Comet Nebula (Normal)
10. Galactic Core (Normal)
11. Sunshine Glade (Hard)
12. Treetop Village (Hard)
13. City of Mists (Hard)
14. Burning Sands (Hard)
15. Thunder Clouds (Hard)
16. Silvery Moon (Hard)
17. Starry Sky (Hard)
18. Edge of Space (Hard)
19. Comet Nebula (Hard)
20. Galactic Core (Hard)

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