Movember Redford
Vital statistics
Title Movember Redford
Gender Male
Animal Monster
Cost to Purchase 1500 MP
First Appearance November 2011

Movember Redford is a Character who is based off of Redford. He also goes by the name Tophat Redford. This Redford is not just a gentlemen but he is also dresses in the highest sense of fashion from the 1790s. He where a grey top hat, monocle, and of couse a mustache. He was the first movember .He seem to be base off High class males from the 19th century. Well, Movember is the time of the year that men all over the world grow sweet 'staches to raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer. So Mega Jump made there own Characters with sweet 'staches to help out.

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