Mega Run: Redford's Adventure
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Release: iOS: May 30, 2012
Platforms: iOS (5.0 or later)


Ratings: 4+ (iOS)

Everyone (Android)

Genre: Platform
Version(s): 1.5.2 (Android)

1.7.2 (iOS)

Mega Run is a sequel to the popular iOS game, Mega Jump. Mega Run reuses some of the sound effects and music from Mega Jump, mostly noticeable on the Main Menu. Unlike its predecessor, Mega Run is a side-scrolling game in which the player must advance in order to complete the level. The levels in Mega Run are much shorter, and the level selection screen has a different format. There are different worlds the player goes through, with many levels, similar to the format of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Burn the Rope. Mega Run also brings in the classic three-star rating when a level is finished.


The player again, starts with Redford at the beginning of the game. The levels are side-scrolling, moving from left to right. The starting point is on the left, and trhe finish on the right. The player can still die from falling if he/she fails to land on a platform. It is impossible to move backward, as the character automatically moves forward. Throughout the game, there are different paths the player can choose to move. However, the platforms can only be acessed from the bottom. In other words, to get on a platform above, the player must jump up, and cannot go back down. The player is forced to descend a platform if an enemy is touched.


  • Jump - Tap the screen
  • High Jump - Hold the screen
  • Double Jump - Tap the screen when bouncing on an enemy or when using a Boost Star


Gems are optional items the player can obtain to get a three-star ranking. If you get three stars and all three gems, you'll have a "Mega Run".

Mega PointsEdit

Mega Points (MP) are used to unlock new items in the store before leveling up or for purchasing save stars. There is no way to get MP in the gameplay, but you can watch advertisements/videos (usually about 30 seconds long). Each video you watch gives you 5 Mega Points. You can also purchase them for money. Also, if you like them on Facebook, you can get 20, as well as following them on Twitter, which leads to another 20 Mega Points.

Level UpEdit

When the player finishes a level, he/she recieves Experience Points (EXP or XP). When the player levels up, he/she can earn rewards, such as unlocking new items or characters in the store, free Save Stars or free coins.

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