Stage Abbreviations

Below is a list of stage abbreviations that must be used in the image name.

Stage Abbreviation
Sunshine Glade (Normal) SuGNormal
Treetop Village (Normal) TVNormal
City of Mists (Normal) CoMNormal
Burning Sands (Normal) BSNormal
Thunder Clouds (Normal) TCNormal
Silvery Moon (Normal) SMNormal
Starry Sky (Normal) SSNormal
Edge of Space (Normal) EoSNormal
Comet Nebula (Normal) CNNormal
Galactic Core (Normal) GCNormal
Sunshine Glade (Hard) SuGHard
Treetop Village (Hard) TVHard
City of Mists (Hard) CoMHard
Burning Sands (Hard) BSHard
Thunder Clouds (Hard) TCHard
Silvery Moon (Hard) SMHard
Starry Sky (Hard) SSHard
Edge of Space (Hard) EoSHard
Comet Nebula (Hard) CNHard
Galactic Core (Hard) GCHard
Stage Abbreviation
Winding Woods (Normal) WWNormal
Spirit Canyon (Normal) SCNormal
Pillar of the Sky (Normal) PotSNormal
Cloud Village (Normal) CVNormal
Mystic Tree (Normal) MTNormal
The Lost Chasm (Normal) TLCNormal
Storm's Edge (Normal) SENormal
Cosmic Ruins (Normal) CRNormal
Solar Garden (Normal) SoGNormal
City of Ghosts (Normal) CoGNormal
Winding Woods (Hard) WWHard
Spirit Canyon (Hard) SCHard
Pillar of the Sky (Hard) PotSHard
Cloud Village (Hard) CVHard
Mystic Tree (Hard) MTHard
The Lost Chasm (Hard) TLCHard
Storm's Edge (Hard) SEHard
Cosmic Ruins (Hard) CRHard
Solar Garden (Hard) SoGHard
City of Ghosts (Hard) CoGHard

Power-up Abbreviations

Below is a list of power-up abbreviations that must be used in the image name.

Power-up Abbreviation
Power Shield (Normal) PowerShieldNormal
Power Shield (Turbo) PowerShieldTurbo
Power Shield (Super) PowerShieldSuper
Power Shield (Mega) PowerShieldMega
Lucky Blast (Normal) LuckyBlastNormal
Lucky Blast (Turbo) LuckyBlastTurbo
Lucky Blast (Super) LuckyBlastSuper
Lucky Blast (Mega) LuckyBlastMega
Anti Gravity Boots (Normal) AntiGravBootsNormal
Anti Gravity Boots (Turbo) AntiGravBootsTurbo
Anti Gravity Boots (Super) AntiGravBootsSuper
Anti Gravity Boots (Mega) AntiGravBootsMega
Magnet (Normal) MagnetNormal
Magnet (Turbo) MagnetTurbo
Magnet (Super) MagnetSuper
Magnet (Mega) MagnetMega
Action Umbrella (Normal) UmbrellaNormal
Action Umbrella (Turbo) UmbrellaTurbo
Action Umbrella (Super) UmbrellaSuper
Action Umbrella (Mega) PowerShieldMega
Balloon (Normal) BalloonNormal
Balloon (Turbo) BalloonTurbo
Balloon (Super) BalloonSuper
Balloon (Mega) BalloonMega
Jump Boots (Normal) JumpBootsNormal
Jump Boots (Turbo) JumpBootsTurbo
Jump Boots (Super) JumpBootsSuper
Jump Boots (Mega) JumpBootsMega
Boost Stars BoostStars
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