A List of Levels from the new Magica realm

1. Winding Woods (Normal)
2. Spirit Canyon (Normal)
3. Pillar of the Sky (Normal)
4. Cloud Village (Normal)
5. Mystic Tree (Normal)
6. The Lost Chasm (Normal)
7. Storm's Edge (Normal)
8. Cosmic Ruins (Normal)
9. Solar Garden (Normal)
10. City of Ghosts (Normal)
11. Winding Woods (Hard)
12. Spirit Canyon (Hard)
13. Pillar of the Sky (Hard)
14. Cloud Village (Hard)
15. Mystic Tree (Hard)
16. The Lost Chasm (Hard)
17. Storm's Edge (Hard)
18. Cosmic Ruins (Hard)
19. Solar Garden (Hard)
20. City of Ghosts (Hard)

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