Galactic Core
Stage Features
Title Galactic Core
Realm {{{realm}}}
Number 10
Mode Normal
Cost to Purchase Please edit the right cost in here!
Approximate Finish Point Approximately 120,000 pts.
Previous Stage Comet Nebula (Normal)
Next Stage Sunshine Glade (Hard)

Galactic Core is the 10th and final Normal level of Prima.

This stage is the end of Redford's journey...or not! This fun, challenging level will initiate you into the hard stages, and bring you back to Sunshine Glade at the end, only not the meadow we are so familiar with. This level is one of those that Get Set Games has done a particularly good job on, with great backgrounds, art, and difficulty. This stage is great to replay, and gives a good sense of accomplishment after it's completion.

The next stage is Sunshine Glade (Hard). Yay!

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