Coins are one of the main items in Mega Jump. It is also the only essential item, as it is impossible to

Redford collecting typical coins

proceed further into stages without coins.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When a coin is touched by the character, it will bounce upwards, allowing it to proceed further into the level. When the player collects 100 coins, more points will be added to the total score, 10 Mega Points will be recieved, and the counter resets to 0. When the player touches an obstacle, many coins spill out The number of coins lost depends on how many the player collected.

Types of Coins[edit | edit source]

Different coins function differently, as the player will discover more types of coins as the game goes on

Normal Coins[edit | edit source]

These coins are the normal types of coins. The only difference between them are their worth.

  • Small Coin
  • Meduim Coin
  • Large Coin
  • Blue Square Coin (x2)
  • Red Square Coin (x5)

Red Coins[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Red Coins

These coins are similar to normal coins, except that they move back and forth in a horizontal movement.

Fake Coins[edit | edit source]

These coins appear to look like normal coins, but they have faces on them and try to avoid the player, making the game more difficult.

A fake coin

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