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Boost Stars
Powerup Features
Title Boost Stars
Level N/A
Cost to Purchase 0 MP
Flight Time
Previous Level None
Next Level None

Please note that this is Mega Jump Wiki's article about the stars collected in-game. If you were looking for the stars that are used as a last resort, see Save Stars

Boost Stars or simply Stars are star-shaped items that will boost the player upwards (with more power than Coins) while granting him/her with brief invincibility. They are, from weakest to strongest, yellow, green, blue, and red. When the player collects a boost star, the character will have a trail of dust following it, correpsonding to the star touched. (Ex: Green boost star touched = green dust)


  • When the player starts any level, a trail of red dust follows the character when it flies up. This could possibly be an automatic red boost star

A Green Boost Star (bottom left)