Vital statistics
Title Bluto
Gender Male
Animal Monster
Cost to Purchase 1500 MP
First Appearance Update 1
Bluto is a character in Mega Jump, and serves as Redford's younger brother. He can be purchased in the shop for 1500 Mega Points. This plucky fellow soars as high as his brother Redford. He may have fewer teeth but he's ready to kiss the sky! He has one brother and one sister, his sister is Rosie and brother is Redford. Bluto is the Cole leader of the team.


Bulto is a small blue monster with big eyes and soft clay like skin. He is very fat and round with a mouth with 8 teeth. He has three nails on each of his hands and feet.



  • Bluto, along with his siblings are named after a color, which is the color of themselves. Redford is red, Bluto is blue and Rosie is rose in color.
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