Action Umbrella (Normal)
Powerup Features
Title Action Umbrella (Normal)
Level Normal
Cost to Purchase 0 MP
Flight Time ???
Previous Level None
Next Level Turbo

This powerup begins as a humble blue outline of an umbrella, allowing you to land gracefully and react to falls at a reasonable time. You will fall slowly, and move side-to-side slowly, as well, giving you a nice break. However, you aren't using that time very constructively, so it is highly recommended to upgrade it after the magnet, since while falling, you will suck up coins from other coins underneath and pick up "raining" coins. While these raining coins will not push you up, the sucked coins will, and both will increase your coin count so you can gain a "mega jump" and MP! CAUTION: If you use the red umbrella over a large block of coins, you may gain TOO many, and your game will crash. Be careful, because after all, too much of a good thing is a bad thing!

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